Join Us! As a Committee International Education Week 2018

Are you interested in helping IUP DEE annual event, International Education Week (IEW) 2018? If so, there is a great opportunity waiting for you to be our voluntary students committee. You are going to help the IUP DEE Executive team to hold a spectacular IEW 2018. Acceptance will be based on a candidate’s ability to meet the criteria. All candidates will have orientation session to know job description and bigger picture of this program led by IUP DEE Executive Chair Mrs. Inaya Sari Melati. Don’t worry, you will be teamed up and IUP DEE Executive team will be supervising and helping you for this process.
The candidates will get many benefits such as certificate, free access to attend International Education Week 2018, and of course brilliant knowledge and unlimited experiences. The orientation session will be announced later. So, now register here!