The 4th IUP Talks “ Existence of Youth in Building the World”

Semarang, November 10, 2018. The International Undergraduate Program of the Department of Economics (IUP DEE) held the IUP Talks with the theme “Existence of Youth in Building the World”. Located in the hall of the 3rd Floor of the L1 Building, Faculty of Economics, UNNES. This time is the 4th time IUP Talks are held. The 4th IUP Talks is a part of International Education Week 2.0 events. In this event we invited Mr. Sandy Arief, S.Pd., M.Sc. (Ph.D candidate for Accounting & Corporate Governance, Macquarie University, Australia), Breanna Miles (United States, Dejavato Foundation), Satsya Yoga Baswa, S.E., M.Sc., Ak., CA. All speakers talk about the roles, tasks, and preparation of the young generation in building the world.

In the event Mr. Sandy said that at least the younger generation must have 5 abilities in facing the era of Education 4.0. Among other things Critical thinking, Communication – ethics, Collaboration & Creativity, Mental flexibility, and Emotional balance. All of these capabilities must be mastered by the younger generation to be able to compete, develop, explore the country, establish global relations, and take an active role in global development. In the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 as it is today the development is very massive and has changed a lot of various aspects of life including education. The flow of information and technology is growing so fast that it becomes an opportunity and a challenge for the younger generation and students. This is where Critical thinking, Communication – ethics, Collaboration & Creativity, Mental flexibility, and Emotional balance are very needed for a student to face a changing situation at any time, because of the rapid flow of information and technology.

On the same occasion Breanna Miles delivered the material entitled “An Introduction and Comparative Presentation: America and the Industry 4.0”. He delivered a comparison of the development of Industry 4.0 in Indonesia and America. We know that America is one of the pioneers of Industry 4.0 with a very fast development in the field of technology, education and economics. He conveyed various things carried out by Americans to face Industry 4.0 era, especially in the field of education. Starting from the educational curriculum in America, the system and education transformation, and different initiatives between America and Indonesia in the face of Industry 4.0.

Then the last speaker as the member of the International Corner Faculty of Economics, namely Mr. Yoga conveyed various important information about international activities that students could participate in, both in the form of students exchange, comparative study, competition, international short courses, and many more. In the session delivered by Mr. Yoga, IUP Talks participants looked very enthusiastic. This shows that the Faculty of Economics students possess high motivation and enthusiasm to participate in various international events. Here, the task of Faculty Members is how to be able to accommodate and facilitate their students.

The event, which lasted approximately 4 hours, studied smoothly, lively, and was greeted with enthusiasm from students. The Chairperson of the Committee expressed his gratitude to all those who have helped organize this event from sponsors, media partners, volunteers, and other parties.

See you at The 5th IUP Talk!