Sholeha Tri Asih – IUPian of The Year 2018 (Dept. of Economic Education)

Hi !

My name is Sholeha Tri Asih from Economics Education 2016. I’m IUPians, more precisely the first generation. and many things that IUP Gives me. Sometimes I almost do not believe when I remember the moments that I have passed. Starting from becoming a Master of Ceremony at International Education Week with my friends from Malaysia and Denmark, training in English, getting relations from foreign students, to experience visiting abroad in the International Project to Malaysia. Directly or indirectly, the IUP realized my dream that I had written before. Not only in non-academic fields, in the academic field we are taught to use English. Even though it’s not 100%, at least it has experience how difficult to speak in English, and of course improve our abilities little by little.

According to me, the IUP provides what is not given to or by others. In this place, there are many people who indirectly motivate me to be better at building and achieving dreams. Like lecturers, classmates, or outside the class who have their own achievements and strengths. They are amazing.

Thank you, IUP. I am very grateful to be placed here, even though I cannot give anything in return, but still be prayed that IUP in the future will be better in all fields. Creative and innovative, we hope that it will always be facilitated in every step in cadre of students who are qualified and internationally competitive.

for you also IUPian. never give up on challenges. never feel sorry to live in a big family of IUP DEE. actually the intention is good, to shape your abilities differently from the others, and you need that in the present or future. be great and be extraordinary without forgetting humility. this is the best place for selected people like you. you are good or bad here, depending on how you respond to the situation, take advantage of the opportunity. You must remember, God will not change you if you do not try. Keep Fight !