IUP Camp 2019 “Experiencing the Friendship, Stepping Out and Breaking The Limit”

“Experiencing the Friendship, Stepping Out and Breaking The Limit”, is a theme of the annual activity for  International Undergraduate Program  (IUP) Camp 2019 which was held on Saturday, July 13th 2019. The event was attended  by 55 students of International Undergraduate Program consisting of three study programs, namely Accounting Education, Office Administration Education and Cooperative Education. In particular, Faculty of Economics’ international students in second semester were targeted as participant in this event. In addition, it involved 13 lecturers and sixth semester students as committee members. Meanwhile, the program taking place in Tinjomoyo Tourism Forest Semarang and was a collaboration between the Faculty of Economics Unnes and BBC ETS, an outstanding English Course in Central Java. As an illustration, the event was held at the outdoor area with a purpose to enhance the spirit of learning by enjoying nature. This was quite reasonable because they had gone through a series of final semester tests , therefore they need refreshing time.

The Chairman for Department of Economics Education, Ahmad Nurkhin, S.Pd.M,Si. officially opened IUP Camp in this year. He fully supported this event because it aligned with a mission of the Department which is oriented towards improving quality education in both national and international level. In connection with that, improving English language skills is the main goal of the program so as all participants must speak english day-by-day during the camp. “The IUP Camp prepares world class economics teacher candidates so that they can compete in schools at both national and international level. Unnes also provides supportive materials for all students who will be teachers since early year as well as giving them any kind of international curriculum to international learning materials,said Inaya Sari Melati, S.Pd., M.Pd., the chief of IUP DEE.

As the information, IUP Camps had 5 posts which every of it offers a different kind of game such as story-telling, speaking, reading, grammar, train-to-busan, and PUBG. Attractively, a participant who accidentally spoke other than english would be punished by painting color mask on his or her face.

All participants were very enthusiastic during camp. They were highly motivated by fighting to get the highest points in each game. By the end, the committee announced the-top-three who successfully scored the most high point level so they deserved interesting prize. At the closing ceremony, color run became the last session of the camp. (Ida Nur Aeni/ Faculty Member of IUP DEE).