International Undergraduate Program-Departments of Economics Education (IUP-DEE) FE UNNES has successfully hold the 3rd International Education Week (IEW) 2019

This program consists of TOEFL Test, Culinary Bazaar and International Facetival. In his remark given by the Head for Department of Economic Education FE UNNES, Ahmad Nurkhin S.Pd., M.Si, this event is great and extraordinary. Hopefully, next year can be continued. After giving a speech then they went on safari to various bazaar stands accompanied by delegations of foreign students.

This event was held on 29-30th November 2019. On the first day, it begin with the TOEFL Test in collaboration with the International Language Program (ILP). The enthusiasm of the participants was very high marked by the full capacity of the Auditorium for Faculty of Economics UNNES, as the venue.

Then on the second day there was International Facetival and Culinary Bazaar which took place at C3 116-121 FE UNNES. This event invited students and public both national and international levels. IUP DEE in collaboration with various delegations from various countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Tanzania, Burundi and Yemen to enliven this event

In the bazaar itself provides a variety of foods from various provinces in Indonesia and also the international arena, namely from Malaysia and Thailand. While in the International Facetival starting from cultural presentations, local Indonesian traditional dancing and also international performance. (Devi Cahyaningrum, Student Staff)