International Undergraduate Program, Department of Economics Education, Faculty of Economics Universitas Negeri Semarang (IUP DEE) formulates its vision to be a premier Economics education undergraduate program, internationally recognised for its world-class professional educator and distinguished learning teaching process. In accordance with its vision, the IUP DEE embraces the mission to create internationally economics education graduates, produce leading-edge research, facilitate world class learning experiences, and engage collaborative communities service to sustain a passion for excellence.

IUP DEE FE UNNES established in 2011 under bilingual class. Since 2016, we are upgrading the program into International Undergraduate Program (IUP) to prepare students to meet global challenges. The program consists of 4-years undergraduate program in Accounting education, Office Administration education, and Economics education (co-operatives).

The IUP DEE FE UNNES offers comprehensive values to equip our students to be the best in the competitive era. We are proudly to implement the 8 IUP values as known as EDUCATOR, which are Excellent, Dynamic, Understanding, Competitive, Active, Technology-based, Outstanding, and Responsible. The IUP curriculum includes international teaching practice, international exposures activities, international guest lectures, and many more to develop leadership skills and to engage international networking actively with our university partners.

Headed by Mr. Sandy Arief and supported by other key members of the IUP leadership, our highly qualified faculty and staff offer programs that help students reach their goals. We use active and collaborative learning techniques, engage students in experiences, challenge students academically, and promoting a student-centred atmosphere. We focus on excellence and what is best for our students that prepare them to live and work in a multicultural, global world.

Further information, please contact us at:

Office of IUP DEE
International Undergraduate Program

Department of Economics Education

Faculty of Economics

Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES)

L Building 1st Floor Sekaran Gunungpati

Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia 50229

T: +62 24 8508015
F: +62 24 8508015
M: +62 85640846233
E: iup.dee@mail.unnes.ac.id
W: iup.pendidikanekonomi.unnes.ac.id